Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eoghan's knitting...and mine

He is still slowly but surely knitting his way through a washcloth...

and I am making something for a certain someone who loves the color blue.

on the bed

Here are the Rangers powering up on the kitty vessel.

We have all been spending a great deal of time on my bed; doing schoolwork, reading, knitting, eating, and lots and lots of playing. All of these "bed" activities must also of course include Mittens Baby. She doesn't actually seem to mind any of it, as long as she is spoken to regally and is petted and scratched often. 

When she is obliged to play Power Rangers and Little People, she is known as Andromeda and her owner is the Yellow Power Ranger.
At other times she is simply known as Inspector Kitty.

Monday, January 30, 2012

broken in

Mittens Baby waiting at the bottom for me during my daily scoot downs.

It's been two weeks today that I was able to really break in our new old steps (literally). I probably tell my boys at least twice a day to not run down them and to hold on to the railing. Well, it had been a long day, and after a shower I was coming down with laundry basket in front of me (not holding on) and I took a tumble. Not from the top or anything as dramatic as that, but I missed the bottom step (thinking I was at the bottom). I knew I had broken at least one bone, not only from the yucky sounding crunch, but the pain was searing. I wont go into further gory details, about how I had to wait as my parents wouldn't answer their phone for at least fifteen minutes of incessant ringing so someone could come and stay with the boys (as they were already in bed), so we could go to the emergency room...or how I had to scoot down yet more snowy and ice covered steps (about sixteen) and a path to get to the vehicle...or how...okay I said no details.
Two days later and we were in Anchorage, and my foot was casted. Luckily for us we had a place to stay and my sis in law got to put up with us for a couple extra days before we flew home again. [Separate bedrooms! Separate baths! Separate bedrooms! Separate baths! (inside joke)] I actually consider myself very fortunate, as it could have been much worse. I only have two broken bones in my foot, one on top and on my heel.

While in Anchorage, we had a visitor right outside the window.

The icky thing now however, is not being able to do much. Although at first this may sound appealing to sit in bed and knit the time away, and have people pretty much wait on me hand and foot, and not do everything that needs to be done in the house, and not to be at work, etc...etc...etc...
It is awful.
And the fact that our house is made up of stairs that I have to scoot and pull my way up and down, if I want to get anywhere. Which brings me to a thought. I wonder how many people have been hurt in this house from all these stairs. I know I mentioned before, that our house is over a hundred years old. I hope no one was ever hurt too bad, and maybe no one at all (but that doesn't seem possible does it?) So if you have stairs, for goodness sake...be careful, hold on to the railing, and don't hold laundry baskets in front of you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

reading buddy

She is such a helper. The minute he begins to do any kind of work, she has to be there assisting.

Monday, January 9, 2012

snow day

Yet another snow day. The local schools were closed for the week. It is unheard of here to close for a day, even when there are 80 mph gusts, and white out conditions. E asked if we would be taking a snow day or a week. Nope. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

after shoveling

A very yummy way to use up remaining candy canes, once the tree has been untrimmed, and homes unburied.


This morning (on a personal day) papa got called out to work much earlier than usual; he said he had to go help people get unstuck, so that they could get to their work. So the boys, my sister in law (who has been staying with us over the holiday, oh so luckily), and I got up and started our day. We knew that we were going to be the ones to shovel, from the way it had been snowing the night before (as who knew when the papa would be back). So after a quick breakfast we peeked out onto the porch, and I must say that I wanted to cry. About half the snow that had been on the roof had come down that morning and our stairs were gone. We took turns chopping the compacted snow and chunks of ice, and would then have to shovel and throw it quite high to our left over the glacier that was on the other side of the railing. It took us around three hours to part the sea of snow, so that if we needed to we could get out of the house. We were also so very lucky the weather gave us a break. It was sunny. It would have been at least twice as miserable had it been snowing, or worse raining; and we were blessed that no snow fell off the roof as we shoveled.

About 1/4 of the way through.

My sis about 3/4 of the way through, our mantra was: Another step!

Pointing at my Extra Toughs, only tough Alaskan girls reserve the right to wear those.

our neighborhood

Yes! We are in our new (old) house. It is a historic home in our town, over 100 years old. We are over the moon happy.

P.S. Thanks for being there sis! It would have taken me at least six hours and thousands of bottled up tears to have done it alone. You are an Extra Tough girl!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

on a very snowy day

This is what I saw when I looked out my window this morning...


Papa brought snow down off the shed, so that it would not colllapse...
J played in a sudsy sink...
Mittens did naughty things to a dishtowel...

J had a good time with playdough...

And I can't remember what everyone else did, I think we kept looking out the window saying things like:
Look at it out there!

It's still snowing!

It's crazy outside!

Can it possibly continue much longer?

It's up to the windows!

It's still snowing!

It's still snowing!

It's still snowing!


I hope you are not getting as much snow as we are.


He was waiting for him in the morning...
Dee, I finally finished him! It was a fun pattern and Jonas loves him, but don't worry Popcorn still has a place in his bed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did he already know how?

E (in the red Jacket) is learning how to ski; or did he already know how?
Coming up the rope tow.

E. after about 2 hours of lessons.

Our hill, after the beautiful sun went on its way to rise elsewhere.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Trying out the new cookie cutters he received for Christmas.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

before the turn of the year

The trees are stirring, heavy with the snow that continues to fall; and our cat has the right idea. A quiet day would be nice, but...the day has plans for noise.

Imagine the hmmmmm of Johnny Cash. Yes, Johnny Cash. His favorite song right now is, I Walk the Line.

E & J at our annual New Year's Eve "glow stick dance party".

Even auntie Lulu got a bit crazy. It was a wild one this year.

Happy New Year!