Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a robot and no more robot leg

I found this little robot in the boys' room after J had finished playing, it was so cute that I had to take a picture. And speaking of robots...my robot leg is gone (as Jonas called my casted foot). It actually came off on March 13th, but I wasn't really walking properly untill the end of April. I finished my physial therapy at the end of May, and now I don't even think about my foot when walking.


Monday, July 30, 2012

end of July

Meaning to be an anniversary quilt, but turning out to be a birthday present instead.

Steeking on my drop shoulder sweater. Sewing and cutting, no problem; yet it would have been even better had I cut in the right spot. I'm so very glad to have an amazing teacher; after she had finished, one could find no error.

 Fooling around with the cat-cow.

Side by side swings, brilliant fun on a brilliant day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

outside and inside

first strawberries in the garden

Apparently I don't clean enough. J had been washing his hands, pretty soon however he was very quiet. I came up quietly to find him scrubbing the tub.

Friday, July 20, 2012



this week

J has pneumonia. He was breathing horribly. I had to take him to the ER, he was so brave and sweet.
E stayed with his grandparents, so as to avoid getting sick; but he brought me sweet things and a bit of an attitude one day. I love my boys.
Music camp again...
...the best one yet.
Friends and family brought him little things all day. The little things bring the most happiness.
Even his furry girl dropped a little something in his shoe. He is much better today. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of him and saying a prayer.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer catch-up: July

Three leg race. July 4th
The jelly bean race. He won, and was so so so excited! Eoghan is way off in the background, as Malvin and I were apparently pulling off stunts.
Offering from Eoghan.
Papa made a scary swing...
...children turn upside down on it every time!

There is a drop off behind the tree.

Magic wands at story time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer catch-up: June

Fishing Day for kids put on by our USFS. It was pouring and cold, but the boys had so much fun. June 9th
 Casting practice and lure making.
Eoghan letting his brother win the race and being happy about it!
 Eating smoked Hooligan.
I had put him to sleep in his own bed, and she had been sleeping by his feet. Later in the evening I came up to my room to grab something, and found that they had both snuck into our bed!
Jonas, I mean Spiderman is 5! June 18th
 Mal and I altered a store bought piñata into Spiderman. He was super happy.

 He got quite shy when we sang him the birthday song.
 Up in the loft with a friend.
 June 22nd
I find little things in the house that the boys have set up and left behind; and I couldn't love anything more.

Working in our yard. My mom helped me with this new bed, on the side of our house. It used to be just a heap of rocks, weeds, and dirt. And... another bed in progress.
We found bricks in the back yard, and my mom finished up a path.
 An end of year diorama.
Baboushka, baboushka, she's a little baboushka...baboushka, baboushka, she's a little baboushka! This needs to be sung by the way, any old tune will do. She proceeded to nip me after this ordeal was over, and I can't really blame her.
I had told Eoghan that he and his brother could walk up to their grandma's house. Well, he went and told his brother that they should escape to grandma's house without me knowing. Jonas obviously thought that was a splendid idea, and so off they ran up the hill. I showed Jonas this picture afterwards, and he just smiled a sly wee smile.