Friday, January 6, 2012


This morning (on a personal day) papa got called out to work much earlier than usual; he said he had to go help people get unstuck, so that they could get to their work. So the boys, my sister in law (who has been staying with us over the holiday, oh so luckily), and I got up and started our day. We knew that we were going to be the ones to shovel, from the way it had been snowing the night before (as who knew when the papa would be back). So after a quick breakfast we peeked out onto the porch, and I must say that I wanted to cry. About half the snow that had been on the roof had come down that morning and our stairs were gone. We took turns chopping the compacted snow and chunks of ice, and would then have to shovel and throw it quite high to our left over the glacier that was on the other side of the railing. It took us around three hours to part the sea of snow, so that if we needed to we could get out of the house. We were also so very lucky the weather gave us a break. It was sunny. It would have been at least twice as miserable had it been snowing, or worse raining; and we were blessed that no snow fell off the roof as we shoveled.

About 1/4 of the way through.

My sis about 3/4 of the way through, our mantra was: Another step!

Pointing at my Extra Toughs, only tough Alaskan girls reserve the right to wear those.

our neighborhood

Yes! We are in our new (old) house. It is a historic home in our town, over 100 years old. We are over the moon happy.

P.S. Thanks for being there sis! It would have taken me at least six hours and thousands of bottled up tears to have done it alone. You are an Extra Tough girl!

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