Thursday, September 27, 2012

raspberry harvest

This was our raspberry harvest...well just about, we could not have had more than a dozen on our plants. But, we just put them into the ground this Spring after being in planters at our old home. I hope they take off next year.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Every year for some reason or another we have missed our local Fungus Festival. Oh how I have wanted to go, and not because I am in love with the taste of mushrooms. I just love being in the woods, and mushroom identification has always had a pull on me. Why? I don't know. There is just something enchanting about being in the depths of an old growth forest...and the mushrooms are there. Eoghan and I went on our first mushroom foray on September 9th (led by a very jovial local biologist), with a bunch of really great people, and not all local by far. While in the forest we were shown how to cut them, and how much to take. I could tell that everyone who was with us could be happily lost (not literally) in the woods for hours. Eoghan was in his element, I actually have never seen him more so. If he does not grow up to be some kind of scientist, my mind will be boggled.

 At the identification tables, before heading out into the field. A Cortinarius (Can you see what looks like web underneath?) My friend Dotty's favorite. Not edible.
 Now in the field, with one very inedible Amanita also known as a Death Cap.

The Winter Chanterelle. Edible. Looks like it has wrinkles on the underside instead of gills. Also known as a Yellow Foot.

 Eoghan found these, they are called, Bird's Nest Fungus. Edible???
 Eoghan found these as well. Angels' Wings. Edible.

 Chicken of the Woods. Edible.
 Our favorite that day, and what we collected the most of, a Hedgehog. Edible. It has what looks to be prickles hanging down instead of gills.We were told it tasted very good cooked with sour cream.

 A fun guy!
 A King Bolete. Edible, but not many around; they also tend to have bugs in them, which can be cut out.
The Hedgehogs I cooked up in a Stroganoff, the Angels' Wings and the Winter Chanterelle, I sauteed in butter for tasting.
P.S. Please do not take a look at these pictures and go out and forage for mushrooms if you do not have an expert with you. Just had to say this, just in case. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It is Autumn here, before it is Autumn

 An odd looking penguin.
 Even the toys have rainwear.
 It is NOT pie filling. We didn't stray to far from our vehicle that night, as there were piles of this everywhere.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer catch-up: August, part II

Luna's first night with us, it wasn't all sweet sweet lovelies. A lot of howling, whining, and not a lot of sleep; but the boys enjoyed her. August 17th.


She still is papa's girl, but not mama's. She doesn't likaaaaa dogs!!! (Lotus, that one is for you.)

J. climbing with a friend. They did that for at least an hour.
A baby, for a very sweet birthday girl.

Bathing beauties.

Why is she on my lap?!? Does she not know I don't like her?

I couldn't show you the other picture. It involved no towel.

He loves to fish...

He loves that girl!
 Why is she by me again?
Two trout for lunch.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer catch-up: August

A bear path to a berry patch.

Bears don't poo in the woods all the time, and neither do little boys...

  and that is what happens when you gorge yourself on berries.

A bat and his cat.


E. chasing birds.

On a berry picking evening.

The boys helping their papa...

as their girl supervised.


Up a tree and on a path.

E. built the fire and J. tended it, as if that was all he has ever done.

I love this picture. The dark and the light together. I will keep that warm day in my thoughts this winter.