Thursday, March 31, 2011

three little things :: thursday

At his birthday party...

...swinging through the trees...

...and on his birthday, the following day.

Three birthday wishes for him, on his tenth year around the sun:

1. That he may always know how much he is loved.

2. That the world may always treat him with the kindness, that he so readily gives to others.

3. That he may go through his life always, with wonderment in his eyes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

three little things :: thursday

Three little things I am loving about him today:

1. When listening to Elvis, we can now only listen to "That's All Right, Mama". He knows the lyrics and sings along with an Elvis accent; my favorite line and how it sounds: ...well, that's all right-a, mama...

2. The way he rubs my neck as he falls asleep at night (or whenever he needs a bit of soothing).

3. When he emptied his wee pocket today, I received: spruce cones and rocks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Eoghan's "Luck o' the Irish" cake for the Cub Scouts cake auction.

E. mixed all the colors and decorated it himself,
and it turned out quite sweet; but I am partial to rainbows.
Here he is (as a blur) receiving one of the four awards given. He chose a tool that had a compass, a thermometer, a magnifying glass, and a whistle.

He is so very shy, and so I was very proud of him for speaking in front of a group,
to describe his cake (with a microphone no less!).

E. was very happy his "mom" granny was in attendance.

a gnome and his hat

Thank you so very much to everyone who voted for my favorite gnome and his hat. Eighth place nationally isn't bad. It was knit with Three Irish Girls Springvale Bulky in Copper River Delta (a custom yarn of our local area from the loveliest handwork shop I know: The Net Loft). Hip hip hooray for gnomes!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gnome Hat!

I am so so excited that this wonderful magazine (my favorite) has chosen our photo #8 (of my favorite gnome) as a finalist in their Gnome Hat Photo Contest. Click on the cover below, and vote for your favorite!