Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer catch-up: May

Waking up with a fever (but still happy) due to teething. May 24th And...he finally slept all night in his own bed on the 22nd!
Getting over a cold, he threw up the last bit of gunk on this ride; and then he felt so much better, as you can see from his face. May 30th
Getting a sip (that's my varsity sweatshirt he's wearing, he's getting so tall).

The boys were outside all day, while papa got rid of brush in the yard. It was hours of fire amusement (wands, smores, and whatever else that the wind blew into their minds). May 31st

Boys that play with fire go to sleep standing up. We couldn't find him anywhere in the house after I had brushed his teeth. We finally found him tucked into the corner by his bed, fast asleep on his feet.

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