Sunday, February 26, 2012

leap toad over

When I showed Eoghan how to cast off his washcloth, I wanted to give him a rhyme to help him remember. I have had this book: First Book of Knitting for Children, and I knew it contained some of these knitting rhymes. I told Eoghan one of these, and we modified it for casting off. About three summers ago, Eoghan found some tadpoles in a pond and these to his delight turned into bumpy toads. He hasn't found any since, but we will continue to look. Their window of time for coming out must be very small and must always be different according to conditions here in Alaska. The knitting rhyme was based on this, and it goes:

Swim yourself over,
invite a friend too, 
leap toad over,
to the bottom of the slough.

Some modeling from a while ago:

 a little beeswax man named Dun Dun by J
a wee clay snail by E

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