Sunday, February 26, 2012

knitters day in

As I have been missing Knitters Night Out, I decided to have a Knitters Day In. As my friend Kris says, "All it takes is one person, to have a knitters night out.", but it is always better with two, so...

Eoghan has been knitting on a washcloth, and it has been taking quite a long time; as he usually only completes one row maybe two per sitting. I was thinking a little incentive would be nice. I know that this just doesn't sound right does it? An incentive to knit?!?! However, I thought we could have fun with this. 

Eoghan loves animals and I happened to have some stashed away for his upcoming birthday, and using one isn't going to hurt. 
I began to wrap and wrap and wrap...
 ...and added some notes for even more fun (this one happens to say "give mama a hug"), okay so it's fun for me too, but...
 it worked!
 And guess what? He loved every minute of it! 

It took him two afternoons, and it was a good thing to keep him a bit still; as we both have been trying to get over bronchitis. While we knitted I had tea and we listened to this: The Tale of Briar Bank (The Cottage Tales of Beatrix P). If you love Beatrix Potter and her works, you will love this series of books, named The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert. There are eight books all together, and I would suggest starting with number one: The Tale of Hill Top Farm (The Cottage Tales of Beatrix P), but you don't have to. You will be able to catch on from anywhere in the series. The writer has a way of pulling you in and and letting you think you are right there in the English countryside, among very likable and intriguing little animals, very like Beatrix herself. You want to be sitting there listening to the gossip of the town folk and that of the animals. Also the narrator has a voice that loves to tell stories, and these mysteries are okay to listen to while kids are around. Listen to them with a cup of tea, a scone, and your knitting of course.

Afternoons very well spent.

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WOW!! Congratulations on finishing your knitting project!!! Good for you. It looks GREAT!

What will you be knitting next???
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