Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Four little sayings I am hearing and enjoying right now (apparently just about everything can end in ck):

darnick (darn it)

mimick (as in, just a minute)

alrighck (alright)

buck (butt)

Jonas' adventures with the camera...a picture of his wee wide foot


Farmama said...

Hi Anna,
How cute your little one is with his words! I hope you are enjoying spring in beautiful Alaska.
Sending love your way,

Mountaintop Mama said...

Hi Anna!
I loved looking through your photos and seeing mountains! How I miss ours as we have been away for so very long! Love checking in with you and hope you post again soon!
Much love,

MammaNatura said...

Ciao Anna!! Tutto bene? Non sai quanto ho utilizzato la sciarpa di seta che mi hai regalato!! Grazie!!!