Friday, October 9, 2009



busygnomes said...

Looks like fun, what furry creatures did you find?
I've been meaning to do a weather tree for ages, thanks for the reminder.
I enjoyed following your 30days, I learn't some more things about you.
p.s. I wish we were related to people in Alaska, I remember when I had my firstborn and the midwife said to me"what a strong, robust baby he is, He would definitely survive the eskimo tradition of been wrapped and left overnight on a mountain top."
Did they really ever do this?

Multiple personalities.. said...

Love this picture! It makes me wish I was there with E., exploring in the dark.

Jer received your package, and he LOVES it all! Thanks so much to all of you, and Jer is looking forward to using his the Art Book in school! :-D