Friday, October 23, 2009

silk blueberries

As I had a day off yesterday, I was able to attend the local needlework circle. Sooo relaxing, and just what I needed...there was a workshop on silk ribbon embroidery, and I completed this sweet blueberry branch on linen. I was going to applique the square piece on a handkerchief, but since it would have to be washed often maybe this is not such a good option. I would love to hear any ideas.

On another note, my thoughts and energy have been elsewhere and may continue to be so for a bit. I hope to continue posting, but these may consist of few words. To my family and friends, I hope the mere photos will bring you happiness. Peace and love to all of you. Anna

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gardenmama said...

Dear Anna,
It is lovely to hear you had some time of handwork with friends! Your blueberry branch is gorgeous and the name of your post drew me right in : )
I took a one day class in this when I was a child with my aunt, I enjoyed it at the time yet the techniques did not stick with me. Your post has inspired me to revisit this craft.
Your photos are always more than "enough" I love seeing pieces of your days : ) Many warm wishes to you Anna xo