Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's in the woods, in the dark?

In the woods at dusk. So breathtaking, so calm.

But, what's in the woods, in the dark or should I say pitch black? As soon as we arrived at the lake (which is quite far from our home), we had discovered air quickly escaping from a tire. No problem, we will just put on the spare, right? Ummm, the spare was a wee bit too soft. So I say to M, "at least it's not dark". His reply: "not yet". Yeah, it got very dark and very cold very quickly.
Now here is a confession, I am a cell phone snob. Yes. I dislike everything about them. I hate that people have them with them all the time, especially the type that are attached to a person's ear! I can't stand seeing people walking around talking on them, at restaurants, at the grocery, and even more so when they are driving!! It horrifies me that kids my boys age have cell phones, and are seen texting and talking on them incessently!!! that I have that out of my system, and if you are still reading this thank you for listening to my rant, but I just can't help it.
Okay, that being said. I am very glad M had his work cell with him, as we were able to call grandpa, and by doing so made it out of there to get our tires fixed, and most importantly to not have had to wander somewhere to get help (in the pitch black). And I do mean pitch black, as there are no lights anywhere, but for the stars. You cannot see two feet in front of you.
We came back with grandpa's car and M parked it just so, so that he could see to change the tire with the headlights. Tire fixed and on, I switched the boys to our car and buckled them in as M put away tools. I was just shutting the door of grandpa's car which M would be driving back, when I heard a deep, deep, fierce growl. It sounded as if I could have reached out and pet it, and I may have been able to (as I could not see anything beyond the small circle of light from the headlights). I quickly told M about it as I scrambled in our car (and as he slammed whatever else he was puting away in the back of the car, and jumping in while yelling to just go). So we went, and parked somewhere a bit safer, where he was finally able to put everything away and close all the doors.
When we were safe, I asked if he had heard it and if he thought it was a bear. His reply, "Yes, unless it was a mutant squirrel, and yes it was very very close."
And in case you are wondering if I will now have a cell phone with me at all times. Yeah, but I will only use it in such cases as mutant squirrels.


Multiple personalities.. said...

Oh wow! Yea, there are moments when cell phones can really save you. Though I agree, there's no earthly reason why kids E.'s and Jer's age should have them. I'm glad you're all ok and the encounter with the bear wasn't any closer than this. WHEW!

Naturalearthfarm said...

What an adventure. I agree 100% with you about cell phones. Thus far we don't own one - but yes it would certainly be nice in case of emergencies.
Where you live is beautiful!
Warm wishes.

farmama said...

Wow! I am thinking you have grizzly bears where you live? Very scary....I'm glad that cell phone was with you so you didn't have to walk in the dark with the bears! It is incredibly beautiful where you live...thanks for these little glimpses of the Alaskan rain forest!
Love from Sara