Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craft Hope

These well loved blankies and booties were sent out today to join all the other love, soon to be enroute to orphanages in India.

This is Craft Hope's Project #3, everyone participating may send blankies, beanies, booties, handkerchiefs, and pillowcases (all handmade if possible), so as to spread as much love as can be to the children living in these orphanages. I am hoping that the booties (which I had knitted for Jonas) and blankies (not made by myself, but oh so loved by both of my boys) that I sent out will keep that love in them, so that as the babes are wrapped up they will feel our embraces and our prayers from very far away.The deadline for receiving Project #3 is July 25th. So depending on where you live, you may still be able to send some love their way. Craft Hope's button is on my sidebar, please take a peek.

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Multiple personalities.. said...

That's a wonderful thing you're doing! I'm sure you will be making so many kids happy. :-)