Friday, December 5, 2008

A countdown

I have come across all sorts of Advent calendars, and I really just have not been interested in any of them. However...we have had the following book in our collection for some time now, and within its wonderful pages...the perfect Advent calendar to make! It has been with us all along, just waiting.
How we are counting down: This last Saturday we cut out 21 small golden foil stars and 4 large. We placed the stars in a small bowl (these representing the days left until Christmas) on our nature table, where we have our nativity set out. Every evening Eoghan lays a small star on the table, the large stars are to be laid out on Sundays. All these together will form a path towards the important person who is coming.
A wonderful book for observing family festivals
and establishing a year round rhythm
in a simple, gentle, and creative way.


taimarie said...

This is such a wonderful simple tradition. And your nativity is beautiful.

busygnomes said...

Yes, this is a great book, 'A childrens year' is also good. We made our transparency Advent calender out of both of them. Oh how lucky you are to have snow!