Sunday, December 7, 2008


We have found that the less toys our boys have around, the more they play with what they have. The more they enjoy them as well.

The boys have had these sweet wooden vehicles (from Germany) for some time now, and they have not been played with very much. The other day Eoghan and I talked about Christmas and the spirit of giving swirling about during this season, and we decided to cut the vehicle collection in half. The moment I got them out so that they could be divided up, the playing commenced with what remained.

And so, we would love to send some of these out as gifts to old or new friends. We will be having two drawings. The first of which is for the wheels, in the picture below. Just leave your name with a comment before 8 p.m. (Alaska time) this Wednesday evening. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.


taimarie said...

These are very sweet- thanks for offering them up! I find less is more around here too- and my guy always "finds" his toys as we are cleaning them up.

Windsting said...

They're coming to you, Taimarie! Stop by again on Friday for another set.