Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the Neverland come alive

I have started a business. Although I don't really like calling it that. It is something that is very filling for my soul. All of my life I have loved books, so much. I think my mom's favorite story she loves to tell of me, is one about just that. She tells people that when I was little, I would call her into the bathroom when I was done doing my business, so that she could wipe me. She says though, that she finally drew the line when one day, she came into the bathroom and found me reading a large novel. In my defense however, I was probably about five years old. I am now a librarian and have been one for almost eighteen years.

I also love yarn. Though more recently, for about 9 years; when I picked up my first knitting needles and knit a child's sweater for my first project. It was upon the suggestion of my friend Dotty, who happens to own the most delightful shop, The Net Loft. I had come into the shop wanting to sign up for a needlework class; but she said that there were none available at that time and that she knew that I would love to knit, and that I should take her intro. class. I protested beyond belief. No, I mean I really went on and on and on. Knitting was not for me. I just could not see myself knitting. Why would I want to...and so on. She insisted, and told me that if I didn't like it, that she would refund me completely. Well, she twisted my arm, and I came to the first class, and was frustrated and I didn't want to come to the second class. Come one more time she said...and the rest as it has been heard to say is history. How could she have done such a dreadful thing to me? I LOVE IT!!! I have not stopped knitting since that second class.

And so now I have put together my two loves and started: Skeins in the Stacks. My Yarn Launching was at The Net Loft. How could it not be? It was held on September 15th, 2012. The sweetest people showed up. Just before it began, I confessed to Dotty that I was nervous, and she said, "But why? There will just be friends here." She was right once again. It was set up so beautifully, thanks to Dotty's impeccable taste. The party was lovely and a success.

My first colorways were based on the book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The colorways were: The Little Jacket and the Shoes, Camomile Tea, and Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail. You can find photos from the launching here: Skeins in the Stacks (Thank you Dotty!) and here Bunny Inspired Goodness (Thank you Mrs, Dilly-Dally!), and I believe there are still some skeins available here: thenetloftak.com.

For the second release I was inspired by the story of The Mitten. For photos see here: The Holiday Fun Continues!

Now, this past Saturday was my third release at The Net Loft. These colorways were based on Barrie's classic tale of Peter Pan and Wendy and for the first time my yarns will be stocked in my Etsy shop on August 31st. To get this yarn right now (as they are a limited edition release) you can go here: thenetloftak.com, or on August 31st you can go here: Skeins in the Stacks. I hope you enjoy the yarn as much as I enjoyed making it. 

P.S. The artwork for my yarn (labels, bookmarks, etc.) was done by this fabulous artist from Italy. She is amazing. You can check out her work here: valentina capellino illustrations. Thank you Vale!
The Party
For decorations we were going to hang glittered stars, but we put twinkle lights on the tables instead. It was lovely. My cousin was there to help decorate and she brought in ferns, which really helped to set the whole scene. She also knitted a sample scarf/neck wrap with The Mermaids' Lagoon in 400 London (pictured above). It really showcased how beautifully the yarn knits up. By the way, if you are looking for lotion for dry hands that isn't greasy, she came up with some great lotion bars. There are still some available at The Net Loft. I am hoping she will open an Etsy shop, as it is such a great product.
700 Potter: "If you believe...clap your hands..."
What does that number mean? What does an author's name have to do with anything? In case you are wondering:
True to my librarian roots, the yarns are organized in Dewey Decimal fashion. The yarn weights are as follows: 100 Lace, 200 Fingering, 300 Sport, 400 DK, 500 Worsted, 600 Aran, 700 Chunky, 800 Bulky, 900 Roving.
Each of the yarn bases I use are named after a different author.
100 Potter: "If you believe...clap your hands..."
200 London: "If you believe...clap your hands..."
 400 Alcott: The Mermaids' Lagoon
more of a close up of the same yarn
400 London: The Mermaids' Lagoon
200 London: The Mermaids' Lagoon
 The image of Peter was on display, to show where my inspiration came from. 
400 Thoreau: Peter Pan, Pan & Hook, and Jas. Hook.
 200 Herriot: Jas. Hook, Pan & Hook, and Peter Pan. Peter Pan in this weight and fiber is my favorite of the collection. This picture does not do justice to the vibrant green. 

Beware of the tick, tick of that giant crocodile!


Mrs. DillyDally said...

Fabulous day ... fabulous yarn ...fabulous artist! Thank for sharing your talent with all of us! Hugs!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!!

Jessyka said...

Another blogger in Cordova! We should try to get all the Cordova bloggers together!

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Thank you everybody! Yes Jessyka we should get together.