Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Day 30

So happy today, as our package arrived from our Seasons Round Exchange {Harvest} partner in the Netherlands. Our nature table items were received and are so beautiful! We have been anticipating this package in the mail, every time our box was checked Eoghan wondered if it would be our lucky day. He was so excited to find the package was here, as he had just arranged the table yesterday, had looked in the atlas to find the Netherlands, and was wondering if our partner had received her package yet. Hopefully she and her family will soon be holding our gifts with a smile.

LOVE this baby!Pumpkinny felted goodness.
This gnome feels like a guardian in our home. Our nature table bursting with orange love.


Sara said...

What beautiful treasures for your beautiful nature table!

Di said...

Wow - I love the little pumpkin the best! So cute

taimarie said...

Oh my! What treasures! That gnome is incredible. Your nature table is just stunning. Where did you get that lovely tree with the removable leaves? I love it!