Monday, August 24, 2009

life learning

On Saturday evening my boys took me blueberry picking for my birthday. It was great, even though the bugs got pretty bad, as the wind was still. We were able to pick enough to munch, and for at least one batch of muffins (which is what went on today).

As the boys were helping, as they most always do, it was quite a production. Finally, they were ready for the oven. E set the timer, but just to satisfy himself that our timer's time keeping is accurate, he did some timing of his own. He took his "minute" glass, and every time it was flipped, he jotted down the minute he was on.
The results: our timer's time keeping passed inspection, our wild blueberry muffins were browned to perfection, and E is very pleased about his baking and math skills... learning is ever so delicious.

J couldn't resist showing off his blue tongue as well (though a blurry picture, as 2 year old boys shouldn't know what holding still means).


gardenmama said...

the sweetness of life learning, beautiful!
your muffins must have tasted even more the sweeter from picking berries in the wild, working and playing together : )

Multiple personalities.. said...

Mmm, yummy blueberries! Fred's favorite breakfast is blueberry pancakes, so yummy. I love that E.'s timer passed inspection, there's nothing worse than a timer that doesn't work properly. And happy belated birthday! So sorry I missed that, I'll try to not be so absent minded next year. Love ya too sis!!

taimarie said...

I love the look of a young child's numbers and letters- I can hardly wait for that stage. And we need to make some blueberry muffins over here too!