Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Day 1

Amidst one of our favorite wooded spots:
E netted sticklebacks, J fell and stomped in streams, and as I collected blueberry leaves, I happened upon these beauties enjoying each others company.

Though we are happy as we go about our own tasks,
our happiness is increasingly brighter,
knowing that a friend is nearby.

Upon visiting Erin's blog (Bluebirdbaby) today. I was inspired to come along on her "30 Days of Happiness". Celebrating joy, peace, happiness, and a deep appreciation for everything in life.

Her blog is full of sweetness and inspiration, and this challenge came along with great timing. I have been feeling so very blue, and the constant rain falling on the roof is not helping out in the least bit. And so...

...focusing in on the positive forces and gifts in my life right now, just might take me into the sunshine.

1 comment:

gardenmama said...

gorgeous mushrooms! I look forward to following your days of happiness Anna : )