Friday, August 14, 2009

handwork and the big 25

My Rain Babies and Forest Play Silks on their way to the sweetest and best handwork shop I know of, The Net Loft, which is owned by my dearest friend Dotty Widmann. There is an advertisement for the shop that is run on a local radio station, in which the shop is described by the following quote from Dorothy's character in the movie The Wizard of Oz: "We must be over the rainbow!" No six words could describe it better. It is a place where one can find comfort, inspiration, knowledge, and friendship.

This past Wednesday was a special night at The Net Loft as it is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Dotty introduced all her new spectacular yarns, which were custom dyed using the gorgeous natural surroundings of the area as the inspiration. There was a yarn tasting, in which anyone wanting to participate could make a Sampler Bracelet in order to get a "taste" and feel of these heavenly yarns. They were all delicious to knit with, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Woolie Silk by Fleece Artist in the color, Fireweed . Dotty had also arranged to have a sweet lady (who was so gentle and soothing with her touch) available for pedicures, so that anyone in need of extra pampering (how could we possibly handle more?) would be sure to receive it. Not to mention all the giveaways. Dearest Dotty, you give so much...I love you.

Do you see the color Fireweed? It is the yarn on the very top of the bracelet.
Two Rain Babies being lovied up by their new mamas.
My Rain Babies and the Forest Play Silks are available at The Net Loft , and I am so happy to say that they will soon be available at my Etsy Shop: WindstingArts. My goal is to have the opening on September 1st. However, I will announce the official date for the opening here.


farmama said...

Anna, your rain babies are gorgeous! I LOVE them!

Multiple personalities.. said...

These babies are adorable! I can't wait 'til the grand opening of your Etsy shop, it'll be great. :-)

taimarie said...

Such exciting news- an etsy shop! Your babies are adorable.

gardenmama said...

Congratulations Anna!!!!
What wonderful news : )
We adore the rain baby you gave to us, he is loved dearly by myself and my children! We look forward to seeing your new shop! Many blessings and best wishes to you on this new journey!!