Monday, August 3, 2009

2 week check-out

2 week check-out: our library summer reading

A regular summer library patron asked me yesterday if I could give some book recommendations for her son who recently turned eight, but is not yet an independent reader. Could I ever!!! "Yes, of course", I said, "my son just turned eight and is not an independent reader yet either, not that he can't sit and pour over books for hours." Then I stopped to think...I wonder if he can read already, and is just not letting on. You see, I remember all of a sudden just knowing how to read before I was in kindergarten, and not really telling anyone I could. My mom must have known however, because she still teases about my not being able (not wanting is more like it) to wipe myself after using the restroom, even though I would be sitting there reading some novel as she came in...but this is a whole other story for another time. Anyway, as I was producing list after list after list, she held up her hand and stopped me mid-flurry and simply said, "What do you read to your boy?". Ahhh...even better.

Even though I share books we are reading from our own collection at home, I thought I would dedicate a post every two weeks (as this is our library's check-out limit), to what we have checked out and enjoyed from our public library as well. I hope you find a new (or old) favorite. Peace and love to you.

E gave this classic 4 thumbs up (his thumbs and his big toes).

All of us enjoyed this, the illustrations are too beautiful.

An instant family favorite, so many songs and rhymes from my own childhood.

E's favorite as a toddler, and now J enjoyed it as well.

I have never been much of a mystery reader, but I am hooked on this series (Mal has been enjoying them as well). A very fun read, set in a small town like ours. This is book #10.

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Multiple personalities.. said...

What a great reading list! Babe is a great one, and the book is so much better than the movie.

I left something for you on my blog, stop by and check it out! :-)