Friday, July 17, 2009

a week to make a peculiar rainbow: purple

purple dragon love by Eoghan
a wool embroidered needle case
my handspun and naturally dyed wool
bluebells knitted dolls I made for an auction (two years ago)


Multiple personalities.. said...

I totally *heart* E.'s drawing...we love all things dragon!

Windsting said...

Us too, well especially Eoghan he can't get enough of them.

gardenmama said...

Oh, I love your rainbow posts Anna!
I just had to stop and comment on YOUR DOLLS!!!! Oh my I am so in love with waldorf dolls and these are so gorgeous! *love* them! Do you sell them?

Windsting said...

Yes, I am a dollmaker and my dolls are sent out for sale to the most wonderful handwork shop, "The Net Loft". The shop owner's name is Dotty Widmann and the shop information is located here:
There will be babies available there once again during the last week in July (they are able to ship). I will have a shop update on my blog (with pictures)before they are sent over. I am so glad you are taken with the babies, they are a joy to create. Love to you, Anna.