Saturday, July 18, 2009

a week to make a peculiar rainbow: orange

A beautifully embroidered bag my tia Guille sent me,
in my favorite colors!

My husband and his tomfoolery. We see the hydrant Malvin!

sweet fabric by Heather Ross

Meet Uta. She never wears pants, even in the snow! She loves stripes especially on tights, although she is not wearing any today, as it is quite warm outside. I told her she could use contacts, but she likes her glasses. They don't even bother her in the rain, or when she comes in after being outdoors, and they get all foggy. She's obsessed about brushing her teeth, but does not mind that her hair is always disheveled. She likes to hear her shiny buckle shoes clicking as she walks, and when she runs the sound of them makes her laugh until her stomach hurts. Speaking of laughing, when she feels down she forces herself to laugh, until she is laughing for real. Uta is such a fun person to be around, and she has a great time when she gets together with other people. The sad thing is, she is so painfully shy that this does not happen often, even though many would consider her their friend. If you see her, please invite her out. I am sure you will both have a lovely time.

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Multiple personalities.. said...

That bag is fabulous! Uta, so lovely to meet you...Malvin, what can I say, except that you are EXACTLY the same, despite your almost 32 years! Ha ha!