Thursday, June 25, 2009

glacier fun

We had not visited in almost three years, and found some changes.

a big wave coming in caused by calving
view from the bridge


gardenmama said...

Amazing! This is so foreign to me, what is calving?
I would love to hear more!

Windsting said...

Thanks for you interest and comments. We have many glaciers in our area and I was thinking about writing about my favorites soon. Calving just means that a piece of the glacier has fallen off the main mass. In the case of this particular glacier, it is moving forward not receeding. The pieces of ice fall into the river, and if the piece is large enough it can cause a pretty huge wave (sometimes enough to do damage).
P.S. I am really enjoying your blog, I am sorry I missed the apron giveaway. The aprons you displayed were lovely! Anna

gardenmama said...

Hi Anna : )
Thank you for telling me more about the glaciers!
It is so amazing to read more about them... I guess I do not think about them too much in my part of the world so it is really nice to see what is going on elsewhere! Do you see many animals around the waters where you live? Sorry I will stop asking questions now lol it is just fascinating!!