Sunday, April 5, 2009

too much brown

For my weekend knitting I made a pair of socks using the Comfy Socks pattern (which you can find here: ), for a belated birthday gift. It was so nice being able to finish an adult sized project so fast! And even though they were knit with a very pretty heather brown, a favorite color of mine, some orange was needed in the end.

As Jonas decided that he did not want to see how the big socks fit him, Baba was more than willing. Jonas however, didn't like that idea either.


Maria Andrelita said...

Ooohh, nice cozy socks! Have you by any chance ever made toe socks? I absolutely adore toe socks! I can only ever find mass-produced versions at the store, and always thought it would be great to have a wonderful pair of hand-knit ones. I think this is a lovely shade of brown by the way, and I love how seeing how helpful Jonas is! :)

taimarie said...

These socks look great! Thanks for the link.