Sunday, April 19, 2009

Henry and Spring's arrival

This is Henry. Henry would be happy to live in a time and place, where shoes are not only not needed, but do not exist. He likes to rise with the sun every morning, even if it comes up at 5 a.m. (his parents are thinking of heavy drapes for his room). He has jars upon jars of marbles that he keeps between his books, on his reading shelves. Whenever he feels sad, Henry will take down a jar, so that he may stick in a hand. He has never run a comb through his hair his entire life (he is seven), nor have his parents. Henry's hair is very fine and everyone loves the way his hair becomes frizzy, after a nights sleep. He could play in his favorite stream all day, no matter what the weather is. He loves to build dams in this particular stream, and then come around the following day to see if they have held up. If they haven't he may rebuild in a different spot, if they have he will poke at them until they wash away, and then rebuild in a different spot anyway. Whenever he visits the ice cream shop, he likes to taste at least three flavors on the little spoons, and then will always pick strawberry in the end. Henry likes to hold hands on walks (his mom is so very grateful for this).

It seems that maybe Spring has finally come for us. The rain is falling steadily outside, working away the many layers of snow.

Henry can hardly wait until I give the go ahead, for him to run around outside barefoot and without long pants. His only complaint...his freckles will rapidly multiply upon his sweet sunkissed face.

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