Thursday, April 17, 2014


New Year's Eve
Just enough snow for sledding and a snow picnic.

Snowshoeing with my boy and a naughty girl named Luna.

We had to turn around before midway, it had started to sleet and blow, and we were drenched.
Looking like spring, but it was in fact winter.
I love this hike, because even when the weather is foul, one is undercover...and it is so beautiful.

All loving and content...
...ahh, but here we go, I wondered when the face off would begin!

Iceworm cakes

This little boy was enjoying himself thoroughly, as he danced and danced to his own beat. 
I enjoyed watching him.

Fireworks with friends. I had been feeling very awful that night, but was soon made to feel better by the cold fresh air and two kindnesses.
fresh sourdough

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