Wednesday, December 15, 2010

someone new


Mittens Baby
So, we (the boys and I) have been wanting a kitty for a long time now, but pops always said no (absolutely not). I am sure this has to do with him not wanting to have to clean up after such kitty. sis in law arrived to stay with us through New Year and when she asked us if there was anything she could bring us, we asked her jokingly to bring us a kitty.
Well she arrived on the evening of the 6th (pops was not home yet), and I asked if she needed to get anything out of the car immediately. She says yes just a couple things, and so we go out. She asks me to get the package out of the front seat, and I ask if I should leave the towel over it (thinking it is something the boys are not to see just yet) when it moves and meows.
Oooohhh myyy...!!!
Um, I didn't know quite what to do. Actually, I was about ready to put the package back in the car, and leave home; but I ask, "Does your brother know?" And she says...Yes! He was the one who asked me to find her and bring her down. That man, I tell you; he is such a softie. I love him.
Her previous owners took her to a pound, and a cat rescue group got her out of there and placed her in a foster home; until my sis in law was interviewed about adopting her for us, and brought her here. It seems already, as if she has always been with us. We are all quite taken with her, even the softie.
Oh, and the name. Well, E wanted Mittens and J wanted Little Baby; and so she got a little sweetness from them both.

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Heidi said...

What a wonderful gift, I am so happy for you!