Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who is hiding in there?

I used the book: Learning About the World Through Modeling by Arthur Auer, for inspiration and some very fun exercises. These wee models by Eoghan and I came from the exercise, "Who is hiding in there?" We put a small ball of clay into our palm to warm, and then press in gently; we look at the clay, and then decide what it wants to be. Very fun and very relaxing.


Multiple personalities.. said...

So cute! Clay is so much fun. At art club today Jer made a pinch pot, then added a 'guitar' relief on the outside, it will be used to hold his guitar picks. Happy sculpting! :-)

Stephinie said...

What a wonderful idea..... we'll have to see if we can find that book :)

heidi Margit said...

must look up that book! thank you for always sharing the booktitels you find inspiring!