Monday, March 22, 2010


nature sketches and writing practice


Multiple personalities.. said...

Very nice drawings! :-D

Heidi Margit said...

This is a fun idea! And I don't even homeschool the boys! (the elder one is just about to outsmart his mum haha)

I read your blog a lot, I just don't always comment, but still am amazed at how wonderful you fill the education of your children. It shows so much warmth!

I'll be following you!
warm wishes Heidi Margit

Mama B said...

I am enjoying your blog! This particular post makes me smile because my son did this in his main lesson book last year (first grade)....he adds to it even now! What a wonderful way to record all of the plants/leaves you come across.
I wish we could've had that cup of tea together, too!