Monday, January 25, 2010

why not a craftalong?

We have had The Children's Year by Cooper, Fynes-Clinton, and Rowling in our home now for about four years. Even though I have read through it, and completed projects from it here and there (by myself, with Eoghan, and others); I have been wanting to do more. This is the year!

There are tons of knitalongs out there, so why not a craftalong? The book is divided into four sections, each pertaining to a season. Within each section there are many projects to choose from; however for this craftalong, choosing to complete one project per month will be the goal. More could be done, but with other commitments and projects swirling in my mind, one project seems to be attainable. One project a month would also enable the craftalong to continue for more than a year (leaving many projects to be anticipated for future years). Some of these projects can be completed in a day, while others take a bit longer. The goal is to have a picture up, along with the name of the project by the end of each month, here: The Children's Year Craftalong .

I was thinking of starting right along with the coming of the winter season, but starting with the new year won out. The craftalong...



(a new cycle and craftalong year begins...)

I am excited to be teaching knitting to some dear people who are happy to be joining me on the craftalong. The projects however are varied and include paper crafts, woodworking, sewing, knitting, and more. Want to craftalong? Please do. You may email me the pictures of your completed projects along with a description (you do not need a blog to join in). If you would like your blog name to appear on the sidebar as a link, just let me know. Peace and love. Anna


The Net Loft said...

you are a kindred spirit

Multiple personalities.. said...

This sounds fun Anna! What a great idea. I wish I lived closer to you, so you could teach me to knit. I've tried several times, but my hand-eye coordination needs some improvement. I'll keep trying though, I'm determined! Very cool, I can't wait to see your first project!

gardenmama said...

what a fun idea anna!
maybe you could do some knitting tutorials here in this space!

Heidi said...

I would like to craft-along!That sounds like a great way to spend a rainy winter day or two..or three...

heidi margit said...

I'm Inn, I'm with you! I love this idea! (uhm, will I need this book?)

I'm so excited! Where do I sign up?!

heidi Margit

taimarie said...

I'd love to join in. I've been meaning to make some crafts for my preschool kids from this book and this will help me to actually do it! Thanks for the great idea!