Friday, January 29, 2010

a wee grocery list

I had asked Eoghan if he would write out a grocery list for me, and this is what I took with me to the shops:

...I wish all my lists looked like this one.


farmama said...

That's the cutest list! I love it! I hope you're having a nice weekend Anna!
sending love,

Ann said...

Just dropped by to say hello from England. Loved your blog.
I love list to see lists like this: its simple, to the point and I expect yhou got everything you needed.
A few years ago my sister spend ages writing out a shopping list of things she needed to buy for Christmas. When she went to the shops the list was lost - where could it possibly be.
A few weeks later my son who lives in the USA phoned to say why had he received a card with a shopping list inside it.
Mystery solved she had accidently put the list into the envelope when writing the card.

Mountaintop Mama said...

What a precious list! I love that it is illustrated! Beautiful. I was just thinking about you today when we were out sledding!!! I hadn't checked in for a few days... Thank you so much for the kind words, Anna. Friday will be here so soon and we are very excited! Sending you much love, mama!

gardenmama said...

aww love your list!
such sweetness and love : )

busygnomes said...

love all that snow sledding.
What great idea with the craftalong, I would love to participate.
Whats the project for feb?

Heidi said...

so sweet, you've got to hold onto that one.