Saturday, January 9, 2010


Okay, so we have had more than an infatuation with Froggy Went-A-Courtin' at our house for a while now. We love to sing it and have heard many versions, but our top two favorites are the one heard in the puppet shadow theater below by Doc Watson from the album, "Songs for Little Pickers". The other is by Peter Yarrow and his daughter Bethany, which is on a CD that comes with the book, "Puff the Magic Dragon" illustrated by Eric Puybaret . The book itself is lovely, and Puff makes me just about cry every time I hear it. No joke.

Well we put together this lovely shadow puppet theater along with shadow puppets, and we all have been enjoying playing every night.

On the video you will have the privilege of frequently hearing and seeing Jonas in the foreground, as he could not possibly contain himself with the excitement of all that was going on around him. Eoghan had a good time putting this show on for us, as we did watching. Enjoy!


tikje wit said...

Fun! (although i think the snake-part was a bit ssssssscary...)

mummybear said...

We have that book too and love listening to the CD.