Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Day 22

This is a small tribute to these little lives we were in charge of, for a bit of time.

We had rescued some tadpoles from a pond (we were told that they never would have made it through the winter, as they came around too late in the season), and the boys delighted in watching them grow. E. kept notes with drawings, to mark their changes.

The toads with their tails almost gone, were doing just fine.
There were 10 that we had them for about one month, and we're going to take them to the pet store on Monday so that their habitat could be arranged into a more suitable terrarium. That morning however we found that they had all passed away. Maybe it was meant to be this way after all. E. was quite sad, and I am surprised by how much seeing them all gone like that affected me. We hope they are in a better place.

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