Monday, June 29, 2009

sun bread

On the summer solstice, the summer books came onto our bookshelves, and the spring books went in the book bin (where they will sleep cozily until next year). I find that rotating books by season is a good way to anticipate the "new" books to come. Also, the shelves are not so crowded and overwhelming which makes choosing books to read, a joy. These are some of our favorites so far this summer:

Teddy Bears' Picnic

The Raft

The Hello, Goodbye Window

The Sun Egg

Sun Bread

Sun Bread being our best of the best. We love the village of animals, especially the dog baker with her sweet apron. The name of her shop makes it even better, and at the end of the book she shares her recipe for sun bread. We made some up and offered leftovers to the birds, and to the sun of course!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Ooohh, looks yummy!

gardenmama said...

Love, love this post!
Beautiful sun bread!!
We are huge Elsa Beskow fans, we now refer to oranges as 'sun eggs' I am happy to hear of the book Sun bread, that is new to us!

Grace said...

The sun bread you made is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your reading list! Some of these are new to me -- we'll have to check them out.

busygnomes said...

Hi Anna,
The sun bread book looks great.
I love the sun egg, Elsa Beskow's books are favourites of ours, my boy's are loving Ollie's ski trip at the moment.
Happy birthday to your little one, he looks like a little man now.
How lucky you are to have glaciers in your back yard.
We would love to visit Alaska one day.
You are very lucky.

Windsting said...

Thanks to everyone. I love hearing from everyone that stops by.