Sunday, June 14, 2009

I survived (He had a blast!)

Eoghan had a great (on his own) camp out experience. In fact the whole week was wonderful. On the day before the camp out he said, "Tomorrow's the last day. It went by so fast." It was very satisfying to hear that.

Throughout the day I would get tidbits of info on the camp out expedition. They saw many birds, moose, and even a bear was spotted. They went for a hike, played games, and even cooked their own soup for supper (he cut up the potatoes). He said it was one of the best suppers he has ever had. Also, being very thankful not to have eaten what the Alaska pioneers would have. I hear also that he and some of the other boys got the shenanigans out of their system, by fooling the girls in their tent (wild animal noises and shaking were involved).

The camp was called, "From the Forest to the Sea". Each day had its own theme and activities to correspond. Monday: Rainforest Day, Tuesday: Ocean Day, Wednesday: Wetland Day, Thursday: Geology Day, Friday: It's all connected.

We were so very fortunate that Eoghan was able to have this experience. We will be signing up next year for sure. He will be off to a different camp next week, and in July: Music Camp, for a packed week full of fun. Fun and growing, YES!

Even the mosquitoes had a great time.

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gardenmama said...

Ugh. we have been feeding the mosquitos over here too!
I love the name of the camp, glad to hear you *both* made it o.k. : )