Wednesday, February 18, 2009

we heart art

This book has been a favorite of Eoghan's for a long time now, and guess who discovered it on the shelf this past week? Ummhmm his little brother. They both like it for the same reasons, they can identify with the little boy in the book, as he goes about his daily routines. They can pick out the mama, the papa, the grandparents that take care of them with love, and their friends.

Yet, Eoghan has taken his love for this book a step further. Lately he has been noticing the mediums that the artists use to illustrate their books, and collage and watercolor seem to be his favorites. This book is illustrated with both. And so, "In My Heart" has been inspiring some collage work for us. I hope you enjoy it as well.

giant tentacles reaching for the shore


isoinpapu said...

Oh, i love this piece of art!

And i love where you live. I f i wooldnt live in Finland i would like to live in Alaska. Beautiful.

Windsting said...


Maria Andrelita said...

Wow, E. Is such a great artist! I love this piece. I just may have to find this book at the library for Jeromy. Love you all!