Monday, February 2, 2009


Lately, we have been using disposable diapers for Jonas. I really don't like them. Even if we buy 7th Generation, or something similar I feel guilty for using them. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Not only are they clogging up our landfill, but we are wasting money buying them when we have a very nice set of Mother Ease cloth diapers. The problem is the following: I don't like how the covers (which are a rubbery material make the diapers smell), just as I dislike the way they sort of pinch up his skin. I know that he will soon be out of his nappies and I should stop fussing, but all this bothers me nonetheless.
I knit, and therefore could make him covers from wool. However, I have questions that I was hoping I could get help with. Please?
1. What type of wool should I use? Machine washable or non? I know this sounds silly, but is the non washable type of wool more likely to hold up? And either way, how should I wash them and with what?
2. Will they leak through to baby's clothing?
3. Do any of you use something different for nighttime?
4. Will they smell (here I am referring to pee smells)?
5. Can you point me to some good patterns to try out?
Many, many thanks in advance.


Maria Andrelita said...

Hi there! Well, I'm not a knitter, though I would like to learn. I did a google search and found something that might help you. Here it is:

Hope it helps! Oh, BTW, did E. receive his letter yet? He should get it sometime this week. TTYS! Love you all! ~ Maan

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog!
I love using wool covers. If you wash and lanolize them properly they will not leak onto clothing. What is great is that unless they get a little poo on them they only need washed every few weeks or so. When they start smelling like pee that's when you know they need washed. You definitely need to use hand wash wool yarn for knitted covers. Superwash wool will leak. I LOVE using wool at night and it's really the only cover we use for night time. We have never had a leak with wool :). My favorite pattern for pants is the Picky Pants pattern: (and it looks like she's having a sale on her patterns right now!).

Here is a great link giving general info on wool diaper covers:

And here is a link to an excellent video that shows how to properly wash and lanolize wool covers:

I hope I helped you out a bit! Good luck on your wool journey :)


taimarie said...

Emilie said most everything already, I will just add that we looove our woolie covers. I didn't have them for my first, and didn't know what we were missing. I knitted several using this pattern.
And I have been amazed at how they don't smell, even when the diaper under them is smelly, they smell wooly and nice. I also have been sewing some from old wool sweaters, and I actually find they work better for us (they seem to hold in more pee at nighttime.) I used this pattern, but increased the rise a fair bit. Have fun!

Windsting said...

Thank you all so very much! Anna