Tuesday, January 13, 2009

toys AND books

our library

I have been aware of the toy testing for a while, as I am wondering what will happen in the near future with my doll making. This makes me so upset, as I cannot think of independent toy makers putting lead in their toys! The whole idea, is to make natural and healthy toys for our children and our earth. As for books? I am also a librarian, need I say more? Well I will, it makes me sick!!!!

American families need libraries now more than ever, as everyone knows the state our economy is in. A family may visit their library and in doing so, they will have access to gobs of goodness. Books, magazines, music, games, movies, internet access to visit with friends and family nation wide and internationally, story time for young children, programs for every age, information galore, a place to just be together. A family or individual has access to all of this for how much? $0.00 That sounds good to me.

Below is a link with more information and how you can help.


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Maria Andrelita said...

I'm so glad you posted this in your blog, I don't think very many people are even aware of this, or what the possible consequences are, both to local handmade toy manufacturers, or to consumers. Prices on children's products, whether handmade or commercially manufactured, are going to sky-rocket! And you're right, how are libraries supposed to survive this? You definitely bring up a very important topic here, & I'm glad you're helping to make more people aware.
~ Maan