Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanted: Birds for counting

After Tuesday's inspiring evening presentation (a photographic review of our wintering birds), given by our local Audubon Society, O and I prepared to join in on the annual Audubon winter Christmas bird count (to be held Saturday). We were going to participate as feeder watchers, as we have continuous feathered visitors dropping by our yard for nibbles as long as it is light out.
And so, we thought it best to add some mouth watering treats no bird could resist. The count for the day...5! As for what kind of birds they were...? The five stayed for such a short bite that we had some guesses, but we were so unsure that we could not even call in for a report.
I am sure that if we would like to do so, we could film a sequel to, "The Birds"...tomorrow.

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